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it is always amusing...   
12:34pm 20/01/2005

Pierre asked me last night how we know we're in love.

Being an alien and all, he though I could bring his a clear answer.

...well...I think I screwed up badly.

...really badly.

Result, Fran and Olivier are pissed off at me for what I said.

...I'll pretend I NEVER said Pierre is unable of loving anyone other than himself? Okay?

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03:53pm 14/12/2004

This morning, I recieve confirmation our package was sent.

WHICH package? We sent packages earlier this month, but, not in the past.

So, I'm off to the post office. Stage out =)

1 got away with murder | I feel irrational

12:58pm 02/12/2004

Von Roo bit me last night and it hurts. Got one level drained...so, i'm back to level 13.

I feel irrational

hey ya!   
11:50pm 26/11/2004

Pierre finally recovered, after going to the springs. Poor guy had...what 108 HP out of 10, since she kept on adding them...

Fran is still sick. We are waiting for her to wake up. Pierre brought back some candy from Jhudora (O_o)to heal her(Jhudora? Healing? It does not blend in my mind)

Honestly, those two are worrying me...what will happen...when Fran will regain her conciousness. I'm not even sure if she knows who brought her back home.

I feel irrational

the war isn't over   
12:45pm 26/11/2004

The first waves arrived. Of course, I, along with lefracois went to battle. Pierre didn't care and, Olivier was getting ready to travel to Meridell, to see some friends.

Well, Fran was hit. Badly. Well, so was I but, I managed to get home on my own.

...but, not Fran. She was iced and hurt. Two skeletons came and attacked her again.

Guess who came to beat them? Well, he's as sick as us, now.

I always thought Pierre hated Fran. Guess I'm wrong
And Amy, thank you for siding with us. I never thought I'd see you again, glorious Pteri.

I feel irrational

you are the venom...   
11:20pm 14/11/2004
you are the poison, you are my venom.

I feel irrational

01:34pm 08/11/2004
mood: disappointed

Well...I had Claude since forever. But, now than they lowered the Devilpuss's rarity...

Perhaps I could buy one for Fran? And, enjoy the little guy as much as she would?

I feel irrational

it was the first snow of the season...   
08:52am 01/11/2004

Lookies what I got for halloween!!!

And, yups, we found a 20 NP bloody ghost toast.

Von Roo gave me one level...and, so did Woirin. Beat ya one day, Woi :)

I feel irrational

06:26pm 30/10/2004

I felt lonely in the past few days...sure, winning 3rd place in the BC was good, but, it didn't make me feel...happier.

Shiggy decided agaisnt buying me my PB in the moment...

And, now, they release a Von Roo costume...I'll never get it...

I wanted a petpetpet as well...but, it's too expensive. I don't want to ask that to Shiggs...

I feel irrational

07:21pm 17/10/2004

2 got away with murder | I feel irrational

05:55pm 17/10/2004

Miri and Kalivarius are back from Mystery Island already. With a blue amagamut of feathers.

According to them, Ken was cursed and, forced to abandon her own body. I like her better as a drab blue Lenny.

And, according to the wizard they met there, the creature which went out with Miri is a Karasu, a creature of goodness.

I'm not that mad...

1 got away with murder | I feel irrational

10:21am 16/10/2004
mood: disappointed

Ken got kidnapped by someone else...all the women in my life leave me...how sad.

Bye bye Ken :( Flavien will miss you.

I feel irrational

it is amazing   
09:25pm 15/10/2004

No news from Miri. I was gone to the Beauty Contest tonight, she left me a message. i have to go see her tonight.

Wish me luck for everything, fellas.

I feel irrational

09:38am 13/10/2004

I decided to move on my own, with Olivier, Kendji and Lefracois. You might know them, since Oli and Fran both have LJ of their own.

Kendji had Neopox when I arrived...She kep on scratching herself...it was funny. Then, she caught the itchy scratchies from the wheel...making her scratch even more!

I got gifts from my new family. A Meepit Lamp from Ken, a Trumpet from Fran and, a Yoyo from Oli. :)

I feel irrational

05:36pm 10/10/2004

You know what would please an old wicked 'roo like me?

I'd love to see who has petpages, so than I can link to them evilly on mine...

Yes, I'm bored like that :)

*come into my world...*

I feel irrational

02:23pm 09/10/2004

Hygoma is mad at me becuase I didn't raise a finger to get Miri back in my arms.
No one can force someone to love. Especially me...

Shiggy bought me a Meowclops statue. And, she told me than, soon enough, she'll do all possible for me to get painted...

It's not a priority now.

I feel irrational

yeah, you do so...   
01:44pm 08/10/2004

I always thought Miri and I...would be, like, forever.

Guess it wasn't, after all...

I'm all alone. Who else would take an horrible, alien with them, make them feel better than cheerful? She was the only one who mattered, the only ever who ever will.

I feel irrational

11:04am 04/10/2004

One month without an update, shame on me.

I had a great something to tell you but, right now, I'm in a rush. And, I don't think Miri would approve this post...so, you'll wait.

Kyarorin is back to health, thanks goodness. And, everyone is happy. Kachiko is still scared to death of Kalivarius...shame.

Otherwise, all is fine.

I feel irrational

the nightmare started   
09:06pm 11/09/2004

It started a couple days ago. In the newspapers, we noticed "Neopets attacks" everywhere. Most people reported a blue cloaked shadow attacking them.

A survivor said than the...thing came near her and zapped her with a red bolt...but, why don't you ask...

I could tell you...I saw it and survived...


I was at Roo Island with hygoma, amazingkachiko and, the woe, kalivarius to shop for some fluffy dices. We went to a weird pub in the underground Roo Island...and, I left early. It was boring after all.

I felt followed. Suddently, it all went black...and,a red bolt of thunder zapped me...

But, I could tell you more...but, I don't remember anything...yet.

I feel irrational

I sure am the sneaky one...   
07:34am 08/09/2004
mood: sneaky

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1 got away with murder | I feel irrational